Pixel Gun 3D Meets Weather Pro

Today I downloaded an app called weather pro onto my phone, thinking that it would be better than the default weather app that comes pre installed on all iPhones. Looks like I was right after all, Weather Pro is by far the best weather app I’ve had the pleasure of using. It even let me know before I go outside that it was going to start raining in the next 14 minutes, how precise! Thanks to this app I have saved my self from ruining my hair from the rain and got great notifications about highs and lows for the day. It’s paid for itself I would say, and I just downloaded it this morning. Although it’s a couple of dollars to get this app from the app store, I was able to get Weather Pro gratuit, meaning completely free.

In other news for the day, the weather app came in handy when I went to play basketball at the park. I didn’t even have to open my phone up to know that it wouldn’t rain while I was out, and that the weather would drop off to a temperature of 71 degrees by the time I left.

So anyways, after getting home from that, I researched more about Weather Pro and found out that I was really missing out because it’s features are really incredible. If you think the default weather app on the iPhone is good, you’ll be extremely excited to find out that the new working hacks are really a huge upgrade from the cluttered and boring stock weather app. Even if you were to compare something trivial like their logos, Weather Pro would come out on top. It’s a shame not that many people know about it. The Weather Channel app is a good free alternative, but I would definitely still take Weather Pro gratuit.

If you’re in doubt that a weather app can really be that great, check it out for your self by clicking on the link above and giving it a go, or if you prefer you can just download it straight from the app store and try it out for your self and witness first hand how amazing this application can be to weather enthusiasts and the average persona alike.

Personally, this app made my day. It’s not like I woke up in a bad mood or anything, but after getting to know this app and it’s different capabilities, my day was smooth sailing from their, and I knew the weather had suddenly gone from being my timid and subtle enemy to becoming a friend that I could call on and check whenever I wanted to know the upcoming weather for the day, or even for a day next week.

Why businesses should use Instagram

We know that Instagram is being the average social revolution of the last two years. Not only by the speed at which it grows, but also by how manages to attract audiences and new customers for brands. But if we think about marketing and promotion strategies, is it really use Instagram for small businesses or brands that have just been born? SI roundly.

This is precisely what we will discuss in this article, which will show you five reasons why you should use Instagram in small businesses  and some success stories that demonstrate the effectiveness of this social network to publicize your products or services and attract audience.

So if you just start with a small business or just want to improve your online presence through social networks, which will count then you may be interested.

The reef Instagram for small businesses.

We are fully convinced that there are many reasons why your business should be present in how to hack someones Instagram.

We all know how difficult it is to start from scratch with any business and even more so when you have a very limited budget. By now it’s clear that the Internet plays a key role in promoting any brand that is beginning and can not invest thousands of euros in advertising.

Therefore, small business owners are increasingly aware that social networks are the perfect setting to start attracting public and be known without spending a single euro, simply investing a little time each day. Within this environment, Instagram is establishing itself as the perfect social network for brands and you, if you’re in front of a business like this, you can not afford to be absent in this social network.

Here are the main reasons that should push you to use Instagram on your small business:

  1. Competition . Having a presence on Facebook or Twitter is the first step of any business to make the leap to the online world. It is true that are the 2 giants of social networks, but also where more competition exists.
    The number of users in Instagram is growing at an unstoppable pace and yet there is still a large percentage of companies that are not taking advantage of it. Whereupon, take this advantage to make your business a hole is won on Instagram.
  2. Tremendously active . No longer it is with Instagram many more user interactions are achieved, compared to other social networks, but also is by far the best platform for users to share their experiences using your products simply posting a video or photo with hahstag brand. Simply inspire an action that will encourage them to do so.
    A great example of this, although in this case the case of a great brand consolidate, would be to  @ nikerunning  and his campaign that encourages people to share their experiences running through hashtag  #runfree .
  3. Visibility . Unlike Facebook and its algorithm  EdgeRank  with which decides who your posts are displayed (and increasingly the most hidden) in Instagram the thing is much simpler, so that when you post something, your photos or videos are displayed in the feed of all your followers. And when we say all, it is all. Which makes the same number of followers on both social networks, Instagram your publications reach more public than Facebook. The same happens when you search by hashtag.
  4. Location . Another of the strengths of Instagram for small businesses , is the location function. Both photo map, such as synchronization with  Foursquare can help you promote your local. The latter option has incredible potential, and that share your photos on Instagram Foursquare , do not just  check in with the location of your business, but your photos will be shown to users of  Foursquare . It is a very effective way to capitalize on Instagram to attract customers to your physical location.
  5. Web content . Although Instagram is a mobile social network, that does not mean you need to have the application installed on a phone Instagram going to see any profile publications. In case you did not remember, each profile has a web version of Instagram to anyone, whether or not Instagram account, you can access from a browser. In addition, Instagram also allows you to insert publications, whether videos or photos on any website by simply pasting a code. The latter is certainly the most interesting, is that when public profile of your business, you allow other sites to insert your publications Instagram on your pages, linking to your profile.